Prepper Glossary

A Prepper Glossary 

Sometimes material published about emergency preparedness is full of acronyms and technical terms. While many of these are familiar to most of my readers, some may be confusing. YCJMTSU ("you can't just make this stuff up")!

BOB Bug-out bag. A limited amount (3-5 days) of food, water, gear, and supplies to get somewhere else (such as your BOL).
BOL Bug-out location. A prepared destination, pre-stocked with water, food, gear, and supplies for an extended time period. This location is more than just an alternate home, it's meant to be more defensible and sustainable than where you live now. Think of a cabin in the woods.
BOV Bug-out vehicle.
Bug in Shelter in place. Lay low and take advantage of the gear and supplies you've stockpiled.
Bug out Grab some supplies and leave your home. Perhaps your home is riskier than some other place, due to fire, structural damage, civil unrest, etc.
Carrington event A kind of EMP caused by solar flares.
CCW Carry concealed weapon permit.
EDC Every-day carry. Items you carry with you every day so you'll be more prepared when required, such as a pocketknife. Also refers to a handgun one carries every day.
EMP Electomagnetic pulse, caused by something like a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere or a Carrington Event (from a solar flare). EMP's can destroy electronics that are not shielded. A massive EMP would greatly impact life as we know it.
EROL Excessive rule of law. A police state, surveillance state, martial law, etc.
FAK First-aid kit.
Faraday cage A structure that shields electronics from electromagnetic radiation, including EMP's.
FIFO First in, first out. Used to describe how stockpiled goods are consumed, with the oldest goods being used first.
GHB Get home bag. A kit one keeps in the automobile, at work, or at school, in preparation for getting home during a crisis.
GOOD Get out of Dodge. A GOOD bag should have everything you need to evacuate your home in the city. Can be synonymous with bugging out.
INCH I'm not coming home. An INCH kit should provide everything you need to rebuild your life (or civilization itself).
MAG Mutual aid group or mutual assistance group. A group of people who prepare together to multiply their efforts and allow for specialization.
Mall ninja Someone who is all about the cool gear and is full of opinions, but lacking in experience and practical application.
OPSEC Operational security. Don't let people know you're prepared unless you want them asking for help or stealing your gear and supplies.
PAW Post-apocalypse world. The world after an apocalyptic event such as a comet strike, nuclear war, or zombie outbreak.
PSK Personal survival kit.
SAK Swiss army knife.
SHTF "Stuff" hits the fan. An emergency or disaster that overwhelms government resources.
TEOTWAWKI The end of the world as we know it. A scenario where society has been so disrupted that all basic social conventions and systems must be rebuilt: government, transportation, communication, food production, manufacturing, etc.
WROL Without rule of law. A scenario where there is no effective law enforcement or military presence. People literally get away with murder, not to mention looting, pillaging, vandalizing, etc.

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